Sport and Lockdown – How to Keep Enjoying Your Favourite Sports During Lockdown

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Lockdown is really taking its toll on many of us, impacting both our mental and physical health. Whether that’s down to the direct effects of the virus itself or due to financial, social or physical strains. No matter how you’ve been affected by lockdown, it’s so important to continue doing things you enjoy – even if you have to adapt them slightly!

In this article we share some sports ideas for lockdown to help you find ways of competing, keeping active and having fun during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Virtual Night at the Races

This is a great idea anyone can join in with during lockdown, no matter what your physical capabilities are or how much experience you have in the field of betting.

Simply go online footage from previous entertaining races. These can be anything from horse races to boat races or even cheese rolling contests. As long as each person (or animal) participating in the race can be identified, you’re good to go. Next, create a presentation with numerous rounds which show the names of all the competitors, followed by each video. Decide how much money will be up for grabs for whoever wins each round.

Invite your friends and family to get dressed up, transfer you an agreed amount of money (say for example, £10 each) and participate in the virtual event together at an agreed time. Then before you play each video, ask your family and friends to bet on the horse or person they think will win from the list of names. Then simply play each video and let the chaos commence as everyone cheers on who they want to win!

At the end of the night, tally up how much each person has won and transfer them their winnings. It’s a good idea to make sure that each race has the same number of participants as the number of friends and family who’ll be joining in with the virtual races. That way, each person can bet on their own horse (or rower, or cheese roller!)

Video Games

If you’re self shielding during this time it’s likely that you’ll struggle to get involved in any competitive sports. This can be really challenging mentally as well as physically, as seeing the same four walls every day is enough to drive anyone round the bend!

This is where video games can come in handy. You can feel totally immersed in certain games, almost like you’ve been transported into another world for an hour or two.

If football’s your sport of choice, get your hands on FIFA and connect online with friends and family members to have a kickabout! If you prefer cricket, rugby, tennis or other sports there are so many options out there to choose from. Have a browse and see if you can find one you’ll enjoy. If you don’t like the thought of sitting playing a video game, look into options such as Wii Sports or a Kinect which detect motion, allowing you to join in physically with the sport.

Venture out!

Go for a kickabout in your local park, or even see if you can find your nearest basketball court and shoot some hoops when it’s quiet. Alternatively, go online and buy yourself a football net or a basketball hoop to practice in your garden.

If you have an old bike in the garage that’s not been used in a while, dust it off and take it for a spin! Or have a look on places such as Facebook marketplace and eBay for anyone selling one nearby. Going out for a bike ride can be so enjoyable and can really give you the fresh air and headspace you need. If you’re quite competitive, why not download a tracking app such as Strava so you and your friends can see who cycled furthest or fastest.

Photo courtesy of footy

Go for a kickabout in the garden or take your football to the local park during lockdown. Photo courtesy of

There are so many different ways of participating in sports during lockdown, it’s just a case of making the most of what you have.