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Saturday , July 24 2010 , 03:57 PM
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 Cricinfo Live Scores - its History 

Cricinfo took its birth in the year 1993, when Dr. Simon King, a British researcher at the University of Minnesota decided to come up with a very interesting and informative website on cricket, to track the country’s cricket scores as he moved to the US. His intentions were definitely not to make business out of this website, but eventually the demand for the portal in the US, England, Australia and the Indian subcontinent, has led to vigorous business overtime.

“The truth is we didn’t have a bloody business plan in the formative years” says Badri Seshadri, a founder and trustee of the company.

Cricinfo primarily operated as a volunteer – based communal and started life as a simple IRC bot. It was soon made available via Gropher, and with the arrival of Mosaic web browser in April 1993, became one of the earliest content websites on the internet.

In 1996, Cricinfo Ltd. was formed and until 1999, Cricinfo remained effectively a volunteer run operation and was not staffed fully until late 2000. The fame and fiscal growth of the site was wholly based on its contributors from ardent fans around the world who spent their much hours compiling scorecards and contributing them to Cricinfo’s widespread collection, along with keying in live scores from games around the world using Cricinfo’s scoring software, “dougie”.

The table below depicts the impulsive growth of the website:

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