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Monday , October 11 2010 , 09:12 PM
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Cricket Next, A place for all the Cricketers Information

How many times you would have loved to get the latest updates of cricket with a silken touch on your laptop mouse or desktop mouse? You would have also liked to know the latest results with the aggression of Shewag, the consistency of Sachin, the spin of Muralitharan and so on. It is not the Ashes, the Border-Gavaskar trophy or any other series that will keep the passion riding but it is the manner in which the cricket news that has been displayed.

 Cricket Next is a Website devoted to publish the latest from the world of cricket and had got a detailed analysis through blogs. The feature of Cricket Next is that it is easy to operate and one can navigate through the pages very easily. The creative touch to the proceedings in a cool and composed manner makes the CricketNext site to stand taller among clutter of Websites covering the area of cricket. A new image to the gentleman game has been given by the Website Cricket Next.

CricketNext Analysis

Cricket is a game that has been followed by passionate crowds globally. The urgency with which the scorecard is updated will be determining the validity of sports news analysis. There is a button titled Fastest Scorecard that will be displaying the updated scorecard in a matter of few seconds. The analysis will be divided into sections. For example, in the recent match between India and Australia, an analysis into the 49th century that has been scored by the master batsmen Sachin Tendulkar has been given on one side while the first century of Murali Vijay was given separately.

The cricket scorecard is also available in Hindi language for Indian sports lovers in Cricket Next. The online cricket commentary gets closer to passionate crowd by this method. The details of upcoming series are given in Cricket Next web page and that will help enthusiastic cricket lovers to prepare for future. The previous match details will be also given in the Cricket Next web page so that lovers of the game who has missed a match need not wait for print or television media to know about the result.

Cricket Next Photos

The images of cricket can be seen in a more professional manner in Cricket Next webpage.
The images are good enough so that you would feel like sitting closer in a stadium.
Cricket Next is a web site that passionate lovers of Cricket should not ignore.
They have covered all aspects of cricket and presented the information to audience in a well structured manner.
Its worth visiting a site.

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